A native New Yorker and graduate from the Manhattan School of Music, Terell has a unique style all his own. He has performed throughout the US and venues such as Brooklyn's Keyspan Stadium, Nassau Coliseum, colleges and youth camps.  

The father of 3 is often described as a true communicator through song; Within his songs you'll find refined technique maneuvering through a soundscape of soul, urban flavor and a familiar pop sensibility. 

Terell's honest energy tends to carry his audience on a journey through raw emotion, reflection and beauty as he shares how God has worked in his life and his journey through faith, loss and hope. 

Terell's life's ambition is to share music that inspires and touches the hearts of others and leads them to a relationship with Jesus. With a solid background in classical voice, Terell is also influenced by a wide variety of modern styles. This tapestry of style is a unique quality of his music. 

No stranger to tragedy, Terell understands the pain of loss. At the age of three both of his parents died months apart. Through his faith he is able to take the emotion behind these experiences and channel that energy into creating music that any listener can appreciate and relate to. 

Now based in Nashville,  he continues to grow as an artist and person. It is his vision to present every song as insight and perspective to the experiences and challenges that life presents, and how faith makes it possible to overcome. His topics range from love and family to his spiritual life and personal journey and discovering who God truly is. Every song contains truth and depth, inviting his listener to relate in a very personal way.

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There's something special about an artist that can bring you into his world, and allow you to leave with a piece of it.”