Motivational Speaking

From his music to his story, there’s a common thread of an individual who believes in his calling and will fight for his dream. Unimpressed with fame, there is a deeper drive that keeps Terell sharing his story with depth and vulnerability. The driving force is the hope that his message can ignite in his audience.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY there isn’t very much Terell hasn’t had to overcome. He attributes his success to his faith and the support of so many people who believed in what him as a teen. 

“I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t baggage from my journey. I lost my parents before I ever got to know them. There are times it just hits me and it’s hard. I was left with allot of holes...I’ve had to wrestle with anger, hopelessness and fear. I’ve had to walk away from so many dead end roads and fight to make it out as who I was meant to be and not another statistic.” 

Terell is frequently hired to speak for youth and young adult conferences. His message to youth and teens is one of sincerity and encouragement. His goal is to acknowledge the challenges they face and remind them they are loved and that circumstances do not have to define their destiny.

Now married to his wife Ariela, he embraces a second chance at having a complete family. He is the proud father of daughters Elise and Saige. As he embraces this new chapter, he looks forward to allowing his life serve as a tool to encourage and inspire others to keep fighting.

The Davy Family: Terell, Ariela, Elise and Saige.

Terell was able to connect to each of our students in an authentic and engaging way. His ability to combine his life story and music creates a unique experience that our teens really responded to. Terell's heart and passion is evident and his talent and humility is unparalleled.”

— Thomas Rose- Creative Director of Barefoot Republic Camp

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